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Utility companies

Accuracy of information is a necessity when planning any works on or near utility assets. Record drawings are inherently inaccurate, often relating to sketched information taken when the asset was laid, or even worse taken from the design drawings.  It is the responsibility of the excavator to avoid damage to underground assets. A task made more difficult by the inaccuracy of existing statutory records and increasing volumes of services that are being buried.

In order to reduce utility strikes and ensure accurate utility planning, it is essential to have an accurate plan of all the existing utility assets, both above and below ground. 40SEVEN use the latest technology to accurately locate the underground services, which are then positioned using  advanced topographical techniques ensuring all surveys achieve the most accurate results possible. These results can be presented on detailed topographical survey showing all the utility assets in relation to the surrounding area and to a specified scale.

Utility assets are particularly vulnerable to damage when any kind of excavation work is carried out. According to research carried out by the UK Water Industry, in order to install new services or maintain existing ones utility companies dig four million holes in UK highways and footpaths every year. Traditional excavation methods carry significant inherent risks and a hefty price tag. 
40SEVEN's innovative and specialist utility surveying services can help to eliminate the labour and plant costs associated with unnecessary excavations. Surveys can assist utility companies to carry out works more quickly and more efficiently therefore reducing overall project costs and possible lane rental fines.

Health and safety on sites is paramount and big reputations rely on supply partners rely in safety related services such as utility location and mapping.

40SEVEN has a proven track record as a framework supplier for Utility companies for services covering the following activities:

Topographical surveys
Utility location and mapping
CCTV Drainage Condition surveys
Gas Leakage (MRPS), high risk and sub-deduct surveys

We are also a UVDB Verified company


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