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40Seven Services

Estate and site managers

Many estates managers do not possess records or information on their site assets. When they do exist, plans and details of assets are often inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. Failure to undertake and/or update the accurate plan position of a buried utility or other feature is not only costly, but can have serious health and safety implications. Up to date, detailed and accurate plans provide instant access to the layout and whereabouts of all your assets.   

Surveys provided by 40SEVEN provide the relevant information required to enable better estates strategy development, implementation and decision-making. Having accurate and up to date building floor plans, enables building usage to be streamlined, service provisions to be identified and calculation of heating and insulation requirements.

Having accurate data on buildings, roads and buried utilities can greatly improve estate management through the provision of better information. Information can be used to formulate efficient maintenance plans and throughout all stages of the planning process for future estate and site development.

40SEVEN’s services can be applied to a wide range of projects and as well as being a comprehensive and convenient method of identifying the precise location of assets, it provides a cost-effective, high quality, professional and safe solution to all your mapping needs.


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