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40Seven Services

Trial Scans

Whether your project involves kilometres of Highway, or a localised site, we have the best utility location and mapping solutions that suit all budgets.

One of the increasingly popular solutions to gathering information about buried assets is Electronic Cross Sections (ECS), commonly known as trial scans.

40SEVEN typically scan and collect underground utility data from an area of two to three metres square. 40SEVEN has adopted the best available technology, techniques and procedures in order to generate an accurate and detailed map of utilities buried within the survey area.

Following completion of the survey you will be supplied with a photo of the survey area, a cross-section CAD drawing of services found. Additionally we can supply you with an overhead plan if required.

Using trial scan techniques provide numerous benefits in comparison to traditional methods, for example trial pits.

  • Little or nominal disruption to traffic or pedestrians as trial pits and traditional excavation techniques do not have to be used
  • No-dig technology
  • No additional scarring
  • No expensive re-instatement works
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High productivity
  • Low cost

This is particularly true when faced with a large area to survey that, perhaps due to a tight budget or time constraints, would not require a full survey. In this application, between three and four traditional trial pits could be dug per day, each covering a one-metre cube. In comparison, 40SEVEN can achieve electronically up to 10 trail scans per day, each covering a two or three metre square (depending on the proximity of scans).


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