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40Seven Services

Engineering Surveys

In essence, Engineering Surveying is the reverse of Land Surveying. It involves taking an engineers design drawing and accurately setting out the positions and levels of the required points of a construction project. An extremely high level of accuracy is required for construction projects and 40Seven use high specification Total Stations to ensure that all setting out work is carried out as accurately as possible.

Ideally an accurate Topographical Survey of the site will have been carried out, upon which the design drawings will have been based. All the points to be set out will then have coordinates that relate to an existing network of coordinated stations which are already present on site. This enables the setting out work to be carried out accurately and efficiently with minimum set up time.

Construction projects that 40Seven currently provide Engineering services for are:

  • Structural Piling.
  • Cladding Systems.
  • Curtain Walling.
  • Buildings.
  • Highways.
  • Railways.

Due to the high accuracy required on Engineering projects 40Seven only use our most experienced surveyors for carrying out these works. The ability of the surveyor to read and work with engineer’s drawings is key to the success of the project. All site works are fully checked on site and records are kept by surveying the marked out points once they have been set out.


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