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Drainage Connectivity Surveys

Whether you are checking your IPPC compliance or just wish to have a better understanding of the sewer network it could be that a basic connectivity survey may be the answer! Using a combination of dye testing, sounding between manholes, electro-magnetic location with a line threader and sonde (beacon) and GPR we are able to locate and map most drainage systems back to either the connection point with the public main sewer or point of outfall.

Our findings are then mapped and presented as a CAD drawing overlayered onto either a site plan provided to us or alternatively one that we have created for you. The drawing can be supplemented by Manhole cards if required.

If drainage condition is a concern then you may wish to consider a Drainage Condition survey (CCTV) as this would give you the network connectivity drawing as well as video footage and a water industry standard report showing you all the defects and an assesment of their severity. 


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