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MRPS Surveys

In the UK there is approximately 130,000KM of Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Steel pipes in use with a requirement for ongoing replacement due to age and material degradation. Due to the sheer size of the workload, there is a need for an accurate method of prioritising pipes for replacement. 40SEVEN provide expertise and over 10 years experience in carrying out surveys to help gas utility companies achieve their replacement programme.
40SEVEN are the principle UK contractor working on the Mains Risk Prioritisation System (MRPS) and are currently engaged in high volume field data collection.
At 40SEVEN we have surveyors based around the UK that specialise in MRPS surveying. 40SEVEN remains the single largest supplier of MRPS surveys in the gas industry. All our field personnel are suitably qualified and ensure that all surveys are delivered to the total satisfaction of our clients.

Typical MRPS Surveys that 40SEVEN carry out involve collecting data on;
  • Ground Conditions
  • Cellared Properties
  • Property Proximities
  • Property Counts
  • Vulnerable Properties
With a dedicated back office MRPS support team in place 40SEVEN are able to provide a fully integrated service to support their client’s requirements.


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