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Gas Leakage Surveys

At 40SEVEN we have teams based around the UK that specialise in gas leakage surveys for gas network operators, private landowners and the public sector.  40SEVEN have carried integrity testing of complete gas installation systems within schools, hospitals, universities, stadiums and other large or multi site facilities.
40SEVEN supply fully equipped gas leakage vehicles detecting gas levels down to parts per million. Systematic surveying using this technique can locate and identify underground leaks or migrating gases before hazardous levels occur.
40SEVEN utilise vehicle mounted GASTEC (FID) leakage detection equipment for all external leakage projects and GASCOSEEKERS for all internal inspections.
Trigger units are available to detect, collect and monitoring a continuous representative sample of the atmosphere traversed by the survey vehicle. The system provides an audible and visual alarm to a pre-set threshold. The trigger unit is a one man survey system and is designed to cover large areas of gas networks.
40SEVEN deliver accurate surveying results for our clients’ gas assets as part of their inspection and maintenance schemes, identifying any potential hazards and leakages along with recommendations on asset replacement.
40SEVEN remains the sole contractor for one of UK’s largest gas distribution utility companies carrying out vehicle mounted gas leakage surveys on their distribution network. Surveys vehicles patrol gas mains identifying leaks that are reported to engineers for isolation and repair.

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