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The rail network has formed an important part of the nations infrastructure for over 150 years and all the signs are that the Rail transport network is set to dramatically increase in importance. as we all look to reduce our carbon footprints.


In no other sector is experience more important than on the railways and 40SEVEN has that in abundance, with over 30 PTS trained surveyors and a team of experienced Project Managers to lead them. We have a wide base of experience ranging from small rural level crossing surveys to full Topographical and Underground Utility Surveys of the busy North London Line. We carry out surveys of Bridges, Tunnels, OHLE, Signals, Emabnkments, Cuttings, Platforms as well as depots and disused areas of railtrack land. 

Due to the very nature of  the rail network, experience is crucial and our PTS trained staff are experienced in working under the tight constraints encountered during railtrack working. Due to the nature of surveying, a lot of our work is carried out during night time possessions, as well as weekday red-zone working all of which requires extensive planning. 40SEVEN along with it's parent company IETG hold full Link-Up approval through achilles and are fully insured for all types of rail work. Each scheme is maneged by a single project manager who will organise everything, including Work Package Plans, safety personnel and task briefing sheets.     

For a fully integrated, high quality rail survey of any type please contact us at info@40seven.com.


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