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Below is a glossary of terms used throughout the 40SEVEN website.

Asset Management Web Hosting

40SEVEN offer a web hosting facility for projects or sites that require on going management of the location of underground utility data. This allows multiple users (including consultants, contractors or planners) to access and download the most current drawing(s) from a secure internet site.

MRPS - Mains Replacement Prioritisation Survey (Gas)

40SEVEN is the principle UK contractor working on the Mains Risk Prioritisation Scheme (MRPS) for gas distribution companies. MRPS is a survey that is carried out to help distribution companies plan their mains replacement programme.  A typical MRPS survey involves collecting data along gas mains that can include: Ground Conditions, Cellared Properties, Property Proximities, Property Counts, Vulnerable Properties.

GIS - Geographical Information Systems

Provides a single source solution for viewing, analysing and manipulating spatial data and geographical information. It is a powerful tool for the planning and management of infrastructure assets.

One features of GIS is the ability to attach database information to spatial features e.g. a drainage pipe or gas main. Each feature type is represented by a layer. Layers of information are added to the GIS and they are then viewable from one source, allowing easier management and interrogation of data.

GPS - Global Positioning System

GPR - Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating/Probing Radar systems work by sending a tiny pulse of energy into a material via an antenna. An integrated computer records the strength and time required for the return of any reflected signals. Subsurface variations will create reflections that are picked up by the system and stored on digital media. These reflections are produced by a variety of material such as geological structure differences and man-made objects like pipes and cables. The reflections are then interpretted in either 'Real-time' or as a post-processing office excercise depending on the project requirements. 

High Volume Data Preparation, Entry

At 40SEVEN we have data preparation and entry teams that specialise in high volume data turn-around. 40SEVEN have custom designed databases to manage large data fields to help our clients manage their data/assets. Bespoke IT systems designed for high data turn-around have been developed which can provide asset reports, QA tracking and data manipulation for our clients.

Measured Building Survey

Measured Building Surveys provide accurate and detailed plans of a buildingâ??s layout and structure, which can then be used for design and refitting purposes. A typical survey would show all structural features including walls, windows, doors, beams, floor and ceiling heights. Onto this can then be added fixtures and fittings such as sanitary-ware, electric points, light switches and fittings, radiators and furniture.

Pipe location

Site mark-out

For simple site mark-outs (including or excluding plastic utilities), 40SEVEN use cable location instruments or ground penetrating radar ( GPR ) where appropriate to reproduce an accurate layout of utilities on ground level.

Topographical Survey - Land Survey

provides a detailed picture of an area of land. All features are shown to a level of detail and scale appropriate to the individual project. Surveys can be related to National (OS) Grid and Datum, generally by the use of GPS. Each surveyed point is positioned in 3 dimensions, allowing drawings to be shown with contours and spot levels, which then allow us to produce accurate ground models and 3D visualizations if required.

Trial Scan

40SEVEN typically scan and collect underground utility data from an area of two to three metres square. 40SEVEN has adopted the best available technology, techniques and procedures in order to generate an accurate and detailed map of utilities buried within the survey area.



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